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0% Interest Funding

Our story begins back in 2011 when a mother walks into a payday loan agency to borrow funds for her kids. Without an extended payment date, she had to keep reborrowing smaller amounts to pay off the loan, accumulating an interest rate of almost 350% APR. Such stories are un-common across Canada, this led to the founding of Lendle.

At Lendle we not do believe in predatory lending practices, eliminating interest from all of our financial products. Our fee-based system ensure that we are not only competitive but rather providing a cost savings onto our borrowers. With a fee-based system, you no longer have to worry about the accumulation of interest, simply pay back what’s borrowed.

Not a Payday Loan Company

We are often confused with payday loan companies. We do not hold anything against your paycheque, nor does Lendle provide cash advances for your next pay. We do not require you to payback funds on your next pay. Our funds are term based and constantly revolve for your accessibility. Payday Loan companies often have APR’s at 200% or more, our firm does not have such lending practices or charge such exuberant fees/ interest.

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